I am Woman - See Me Grow

Evelyn Fay Babbie

Born in Portland, Oregon
January 7, 2001 at 6:21 a.m.

In the beginning, I slept a lot, but somehow
my Mom and Dad didn't get to.


That's my Mom. . .
. . . and my Dad, by the way.

Actually, this place seems to be 
overflowing with very big people.
This is my Grandpa Don,
my Grandma Sheila,
and apparently our family has 
its own photographer.

I'm so special, I even have a Great Grandmother.
One thing I don't understand (actually there's more than one thing) is why these people always seem to be smiling whenever they hold me.  This must be a pretty happy place.  Yay!

While we're talking about it, here are some of the other things I don't exactly understand.  Maybe somebody can explain things to me.  I'm just getting started, okay?

The first thing I'd like to get straight is: am I going to be as beautiful as my Mom?  I think she's the most beautiful thing I've seen yet, and I hope she knows I meant it in the nicest possible way when I called her the "milk bar."
What are the Lakers and Blazers?  I think they're some kind of gods or devils, but I can't get straight which is which.  I get a different story from my Mom and Dad and from Grandma Sheila and the photographer.

What is a Dubya?  The photographer keeps muttering about Dubya-this and Dubya-that.  What's that all about?  I can't figure out if it's something totally doofus or something I should worry about.

Despite all the confusion, I gotta say this place is 
kind of a hoot.  I think I'll stay.

Watch my dust.

July 2001

First solid food.  What is it with this stuff?  I want my milk bar back

first solid food