Henry Robert Babbie

I was born on June 13, 2003
at 00:15 in Portland, Oregon.

It took my Dad ten minutes to get a picture of me,
but this is what I looked like when I was just a kid.

Fortunately, I had a chance to clean up and get
dressed before the rest of the family came by to
say hello.

Here's me at the more mature age of nine hours,
which my grandpa captured on video.  Truth be
told, I was still a tad dazed by having to leave
my dark, warm nest to take up my responsibility
for paying off the Bush tax-cuts and foreign
misadventures.  You can probably tell that I was
deep in thought about how I could get a job
right away.
I think I must have a way with the women.  This babe
couldn't get enough of me.  She was smooching and
hugging and tickling my feet from the start.  Truth be
told, however, I think she's pretty nice and I'm looking
forward to getting to know her.

evie kissing
This is me doing my Jeff Gordon imitation during my first
car ride.  You can see how safely I was strapped  in.  It was
pretty exciting at first, but then it got boring and I caught
a couple of z's on the way home.  Actually, I like to sleep.
car seat