Who I Am

Who I am transcends age and gender, race and class.
It recognizes no national boundaries or anything that
divides humanity into something smaller than it truly is.
Who I am includes and unites rather than divide or separate.

Who I am does not simply include you, it is you.  I see myself
in you and can feel your presence here inside me.  "I" and "You"
are mischievous concepts that play hide and seek within our
common humanity.  Created as tools to allow our humanity to view
and experience itself from different perspectives, they have taken
on lives of their own and seem more real than they are.
They promote the lie that when "You" win, "I" lose, that "my" strength
requires "your" weakness, "my" wealth, "your" poverty.

Who-I-Am is a recognition and return to Who-We-Are.
Even when it is not obvious, when it is not being experienced,
Who-I-Am is a declaration of commitment to our unity and oneness,
a gathering place for our common humanity.

WhoIAm is a coming home at last.


(c) Earl Babbie 2000