Marion Babbie Paintings

     This section of the website is devoted to a few of my mom's paintings.  I want to make a couple of disclaimers.

     First, these are not good reproductions.  They are the result of some snapshots I took to facilitate family members picking which ones they wanted as Christmas gifts.  Thus: (1) there are some bright spots that resulted from the camera's flash, (2) taking snapshots of paintings leaning against walls and chairs required some cropping and produced some distortion.

     Second, the unimaginative names are my contribution in the course of uploading them to the web.  Initially, they were called 01, 02, etc. and I thought these short names might be useful.

Barn and Buggy

Barn and Road

Barn and Wagon



Country Lane


Road to Lake

Snow and House

Snow and Pond


Town Colors

Trees and Snow

Water Wheel

Yellow Leaves