Earl Robert Babbie
Born: January 8, 1938 
Detroit, Michigan USA
Married: Sheila Trimble
May 17, 1965             Divorced: 2007
San Francisco, CA USA
Suzanne Roberts Clem
March 16, 2008
Orange, CA  USA
Child: Aaron Robert Babbie
July 18, 1969 
Honolulu, HI USA
Education: A.B. 1960 Harvard College (cum laude) 
M.A. 1966 University of California (Berkeley) 
Ph.D. 1969 University of California (Berkeley)
Military: Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, 1956-1960 
United States Marine Corps, 1960-1963. Served as a disbursing officer in Okinawa, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. 
Honorably discharged from the USMC Reserve as First Lieutenant in 1966.
Awards: Intramural research grant, University of Hawaii, 1968. 
Research grant from the Hawaiian Electric Company, 1969. 
Research/writing grant from the Haas Community fund, 1973. 
Research/writing grant from est of Hawaii, 1975. 
Visiting Scholar, University of California (Berkeley), 1975. 
Distinguished Visiting Professor, California State University (Chico), November 14-16, 1988 
Honorary Member, Honors Program Student Association, 1994.
Lester F. Ward Award, given by the Society for Applied Sociology for "distinguished contributions to aspplied sociology," August 12, 2000.  Click here for acceptance speech.  (Visual: I repeatedly dropped a packet of Sweet and Low to illustrate gravity.)