Sane Voices in a Time of Madness
The terrorist attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, cannot be dismissed as simply an insane act. It was a calculated and carefully planned action.

At the same time, it represents a system of collective madness.  It grows out of countless past acts of hatred and violence, launched by greed, jingoism, sorrow, frustration, and revenge.

We are all involved, one way or another, whether we have engaged in evil acts or have remained silent in their presence.

We must not respond to the tragedy of September 11th
with an expanding cycle of collective madness.


Here are some responses to the tragedy that may guide us toward a more humane and humanly fitting resolution.

Normal Reactions to Abnormal Events
Rabbi Michael Lerner, "A World Out of Touch With Itself"
Scott Norvell, "Rally Around Economy, as Well as Flag
Patricia Williams, "Pax Americana"
Mazin Qumsiyeh, Arab Responses to the Tragedy
Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer, "The United States, the West and the Rest of the World"
Byron Callas, "War is the Solution of Collective Madness"
C. Alton Robertson, "What Does Revenge Accomplish?"
Tamim Ansary, Afghani-American Perspective
Suraya Sadeed, Afghani-American writes to Pres. Bush
Statement by the American Academy of Religion
Charles Tilly, Some Predictions
Clyde Haberman, "60's Lessons on How Not to Wave Flag"
A Planet Mourns (Photo Gallery)
Earl Babbie, "Americans at War"
Jodie Kliman, A prayer to mend a broken world
The Journalist's Toolbox
Richard Boudreaux, "Terror's World a Local One"
Bonkworld, A powerful slide show
Maurice Richard, The Reality

Counterpoint: A Voice of Unmitigated Hatred

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                    A few have been copied from emails I've received during the aftermath of the tragedy.
                    I am seeking permission to post the latter category but have chosen to post them in
                    advance of receiving permission in the belief that they contain ideas vital to our
                    survival as a humane society.

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